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Whether it is reliability, customer service or meeting project timelines, we strive to fulfil all of our customer’s expectations from us. In order to continue to improve all aspects of our business, we have developed certain business processes and related metrics to ensure quality delivery and customer satisfaction.

We therefore appreciate your time to complete the feedback survey below, so that we know how well we met your expectations and what we could do to improve more on your experience with us in the future.

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01. Did your communications were replied in time? Y N
02. Is our communication language clear, precise and acceptable? Y N

03. Do you find your project properly planned to meet what you need? Y N
04. Do you find our planning flexible to accommodate additional changes? Y N

05. Do you find our approach and project handling methodology professional? Y N
06. Do we meet your project requirements? Y N

07. Do you feel well supported in the domain that we are handling?
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

09. Can you recommend our services to your friends and relatives? Y N
10. How would you rate our overall performance?

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