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Research, Resources and Tips on business domains - marketing, digital and creativity.
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Following news are from few popular portals in the the areas as shown below. You can make this as homepage to keep in touch with these news which are automatically regularly updated, making it easier to read recent knowledge and happenings. Hope this helps to generally overview where the industry is heading towards...

Intelligence and Analytics
A very common data analysis technique is called Cohort Analysis. A Cohort is simply a segment of users which is based on a date. For example, a cohort could be all users based on their Acquisition Date (in Google Analytics this is really the Date of First Session). Another cohort might be all users that […]
The Google Analytics platform has been changing from a web analytics tool to a user-centric digital measurement tool (we’ve been calling it Universal Analytics). This evolution includes a number of changes to the system and completely new features. But what can you do when you put all of these pieces together? I wanted to write […]
Europe’s big aspiration to reverse the decline of its rail freight industry will require significant effort, with substantial investment and smart thinking. Governments and industry players can help to achieve this goal, as there are examples of success to draw on and some key levers to pull.
Digital Technology

30-second summary: Marketers should use both historical and forecasted data to drive blog post content Ensuring the content has added value to a competitors – either through additional information or FAQs – is vital for SEO Content which is littered with errors will harm SEO in the long run Content written in partnership with RankIQ […]

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