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Research, Resources and Tips on business domains - marketing, digital and creativity.
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Please go through all these pages sharing books, portals, videos, files, articals and newsletters to orient through few of my favourite material and some of my thoughts on where this 'technological transformation era' of IoT and Smart Homes Technology, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology, AI and Machine learning, Humanized Big Data. (visual, empathetic, qualitative), automation, physical-digital-biological interactions and everything on demand (e.g. uber) is heading towards...

Article 1
few reference books which I liked most on these subject domains...
find here links to few publicly available video clips which you may find useful in understanding future of marketing or digital...
Find few useful knowledgeable academic articals files found available publicly on internet..

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Sharing research, strategy, resources and practical tips on marketing, digital and creativity...

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