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Right from choosing capable marketing and IT partner, strategizing for marketing transformation, building on in-house e-marketing department or deciding on content strategy and execution team or even buying subscriptions or communication plans...the book fairly touches upon every aspect of successful implementation of content marketing.

When it comes to digital transformation of a business, 'marketing' is of course the major aspect. As per recent research by CA Technologies and Coleman Parkes, 84% of Indian businesses are seeing moderate to significant improvements in their ability to differentiate from their competition through digital transformation. The advancement of digital touchpoints between businesses and customers, empowerment of customers with social media and resulting expansion of marketing from communications to experiences - is becoming the 'digital disruption' for present day's marketers, forcing them to change the legacy trends of marketing practice.

the book covers -

  • Content Marketing Strategy Framework
  • What to look for in IT/marketing partners
  • Content strategy: development, moderation and protection
  • Content Production: Creativity and Design
  • Building Content Delivery Mechanism
  • Content management systems: adopt or avoid open source systems? Why?
  • Make or Buy? - Building in-house e-marketing department
  • Handling analytics, Marketing ROI and other metrics

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