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    We are thinking of starting two wheeler servicing centers at multiple locations (with my 2-3 friends). first center already completed approx. 4 months and got good response. can you help me in IT support and for reaching more people?
    Query By gautam kuyawar ( 2017-10-29 08:44:43 )

    Dear Gautam, thanks for subscribing. It was nice to meet you at franchise expo last month. We can discuss to completely digitize the business process right from taking appointment for servicing to delivery readiness message(auto). You will need an responsive web app along with a desktop software (multi-location input and auto data update facility). We can then integrate our 'digital marketing system' to the same app and lets make a digital strategy on how we can penetrate market to reach to people searching for 2-wheeler garage or similar keywords based on research. About multi-location, lets discuss when we meet - how we can possibly fit in franchising model to help grow your business, but would personally recommend you to prove first center for at least a year. Sending you detailed phase-wise brand launch proposal to your mail. thanks for inquiry with me. please remind danesh also to subscribe..:)

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    do you add bulk SMS and bulk email facilities to existing website? I want to add it to my website?
    Query By madhur date ( 2017-10-29 08:38:06 )

    Yes its very well possible. We can completely rewamp your old website with MCHPL's advanced secured CMS (we don't use any open source CMS for security purposes) to multi-device responsive app. It will be much more easier with our dedicated 'marketing module' which can be integrated with a website...thanks. Please let me know on sachin.mutha@contentmakes.com

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