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05 11

Building a BRAND of an Educational Institution: ‘CONTENT’ Approach is Must

Keywords: digital marketing, content marketing, education sector / 0 Comment(s)

A research study by Google(July 2018) says that ‘engaging students online’ is the new syllabus that educational institutions need to excel at. 97% students found researched about educational institution online and 80% found to be checking institution website before confirming their...

Posted by Mr. Sachin Mutha on Nov 05, 2023
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16 01

“72 per cent of organizations are expected to roll out Digital Transformation strategies within the next two years,” according to Cloud Industry Forum 2017.

Digital Transformation (DT) of business is not only about embracing the technology, but also...

Posted by Mr. Sachin Mutha on Jan 16, 2023
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